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Pelican Point Foundation (PPF) is the true drive and reason for the Pelican Point Communications and Consulting (PPCC) company. The Foundation was solely created for helping others.


It is an official, stand alone, non profit LLC. The Pelican Point Foundation will be primarily funded through a percentage of PPCC's revenue income from completed projects. What this mean to you, is that every time we are contracted with you, a portion of the revenue will be donated to the PPF to help others. We base the portion donated off the revenue and not the profit to ensure that every job plays a role in the PPF (not all jobs are profitable).


The Foundation hopes to help those in need. Those in need may be affected by an natural disaster, tornadoes, floods, fires, etc. Or families in need of food, clothing, etc. 


This year, the board members elected to support families by giving them a Christmas event, which includes food, gifts, and a holiday social gathering. These families may not have Christmas otherwise. Pelican Point Marina donated 5 rooms for the families to stay over night. The Community has helped greatly, donating their personal time, money, gifts, and knowledge. The families will receive a Christmas Dinner and Breakfast. The kids will get to enjoy activities at the Marina and will have gifts under their Christmas tree.

However, things evolved as we saw the generosity of our community through this project.  We saw just how infectious giving and helping other was. We believe that by others seeing all of us contributing to a cause that is helping others, they will also be inspired. Thank you for fueling change. 



Thank You.


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