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We are always looking to improve our team

Current openings

Sr. Technician

  • Successfully lead an installation group or team using project management skills.

  • Perform advanced testing and troubleshooting for both copper and optical fiber installations.

  • Discuss and evaluate numerous specific applications of information and communications technology (ICT) cabling installation.

  • Make recommendations based on applicable codes, standards, and best practices.

  • Implement the job plan and scope of work as well as perform retrofits and upgrades for existing infrastructure.

  • Must have some certifications, ie .. BICSI, Panduit, Corning etc

Cable Puller

  • Entry level. We can train you. All you need is the desire and want to be part of the team. With an eye on quality and postiveness

Jr. Technician

  • Successfully terminate various types of copper connectors.

  • Properly explain the importance of safety and professionalism toward optimal job performance.

  • Discuss pathways, spaces, bonding and grounding and firestopping.

  • Make decisions based on applicable codes, standards and best practices.

  • Choose the correct tool or methodology for specific tasks.

Prerequisites for all positions

Must pass a drug test

Must be able to pass background check

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